Infant and Toddler Classes

Infant & Toddler Nursery (ages 0-3),  Room 208

Lessons about God are first learned in the nursery.  The rooms are bright and cheery, with plenty to stimulate young minds, or to rest weary bodies.  The rooms adjoin one another with a bathroom between them.  Teacher, Nancy Galloway, comforts and soothes infants and toddlers in loving arms.  There are toys, puzzles, books, and a TV to watch videos like Veggie-Tales.  Children also have access to a fenced play yard.  Nancy cares for children in these same rooms during morning worship services.

Pre-K through Grade 1 & Grades 2-6th, Room 206

Each week, we share a Bible Story, and a contemporary story that relates to each lesson.  Children have opportunities to share how they might incorporate lessons into their lives.  We conclude each lesson with a special project.  This mixed-age class is full of love andfun.  You and  your child will be welcomed by dedicated teachers:  Millie Edwards, Judy Walker, Juli Runkle, and Emily Valentine.