Adult Classes

Quest Class   Room 105

This discussion class is made up of people who lead normal lives, yet who seek t live closer to Christ.  They are never afraid to ask a question, or to tackle an issue.  The curriculum allows us to speak freely about current events and situations which affect us all.  Several members of the class share in leadership

Alice Bagwell Class    Room 102

This class is open to any adult who wants to accept the challenge of seriously searching the Scriptures for answers to some of life’s deepest questions; to be a part of lively and stimulating discussions; and to be a part of a group which shares their joys and their sorrows, and supports each other through Christian love, encouragement, and intercessory prayer.

Leader of this class , Alice Bagwell, is a professionally trained Christian educator.  Bible-based study texts are selected according to class members’ interests.

Christian Seekers     Room 101

This ladies class utilizes the Adult Bible Studies curriculum, based on the International Lesson Series.  An ongoing project of the class is support for the United Methodist Children’s Home in Decatur, GA.  The class welcomes any seekers.

Neal Class     Room 207

This class – named for Dr. L.G. Neal, Sr., a former local medical doctor and teacher of this class- has as its main goal and interest the study of god’s Word.  The class utilizes the Adult Bible Studies curriculum, based on the International Lesson Series of topical Bible studies.  We try to appl God’s Word to our lives and experiences.  God’s Word draws us together in fellowship with Him, and with one another.  Our door is always open to all who wish to study god’s Word with us.  We extend to you an invitation and warm welcome.  Dr. Russell Weiskircher is the teacher.

Noell Class    Room 209

Named for beloved former teacher, Willis Noell, this class utilizes the Adult bible Studies curriculum, based ont he International Lesson Series of topical Bible studies.  Class members lead the class each week nin attempting to apply lessons from the Scriptures to their personal lives.  The format is a mixture of presentation and discussion.

If you have ideas for a new Sunday School class please let us know.  We are always open to new ways to spread God’s love.