Sunday School Classes

Why Attend Sunday School?

Children, youth, and adults who have never become regular participants in a Sunday School class might not recognize the importance and value of that practice.  But participation in a class can enable a student to:

Holy BibleDevelop Christian Friendships

One of the most helpful things growing Christians can do is to surround themselves with other Christian people who model the Christian life, and who provide encouragement in Christian living.  Members of a class often become one’s closest and dearest friends.

Learn about God’s saving love.

Classes study God’s Word, the Bible, to learn how God revealed Himself to believers in Biblical times, how He rescued them from many harmful situations, how He sustained them in times of trial, and how He guided them into a style of life which was rich and full.  Then they discover how God still today makes His saving love known to those who seek Him, and how He empowers them for Christian living.

Gain Eternal Values.

Many people are concerned about the erosion of mral and ethical values in our culture.  Sunday School classes teach Christian values, which equip students to look beyond immediate pleasures, and to give themselves to practices which help build a better world for all God’s people.

Please join us this Sunday for one of our many Sunday School classes.  Vising our class listing pages for more information.