Small Groups

In June, 2010 all members of the church were placed in a small group (approximately 16 in each group).  The idea was that members needed to get to know each other through fellowship and love.  Groups may meet in homes, at the church, at a restaurant.  All meetings are very informal.

Very positive feedback has come from all eleven groups.  Some have had more success that others.  We are working on ways we can possibly improve all groups.

All members are encouraged to participate in the group they have been assigned to; however, members may desire not to be a member now.  At any time in the future if they wish to become a member again, they may.  Any person attending the church is invited to become involved and be placed in a group.  They may contact Gwen Owens and request to be placed in a group.  She may be reached at 706 537-6373 or 706 865-4150.

God has blessed our church with wonderful members and non-members and it is felt that these groups will draw all of us together so we can work in making our church family the church that God wants us to have.  We will branch out in our groups to have discussions on subjects which interest each one, possibly a bible study, maybe making a trip together, and many other possibilities.

We encourage all who attend our church to become a part of our small groups.

Gwen Owens, Chairman

Small Groups at Cleveland United Methodist Church