Facility Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines For the Use of

Cleveland United Methodist Church

Unfortunately, not everyone who approaches Cleveland United Methodist Church for an event is as serious as we are about ensuring the success of your event and the respect and maintenance of our facility.  In order to protect our relationship with your organization,  these “Rules and Guidelines” are established and enforced.  By following these Rules and Guidelines, you will have our professional support, experience a successful event, and help assure your organization, as well as others, a continued resource in Cleveland United Methodist Church.  It is the responsibility of the organization representative to ensure that these Rules and Guidelines are adhered to.

Responsible adult supervision must be with the group at all times when the building or facilities are in use.  Children, when leaving a designated event area, must be escorted and supervised by a responsible adult (bathrooms, water fountain, etc.).

The Church’s Fellowship Hall tables vary in length from 6’ to 8’.  Tables and chairs are for indoor use only and must remain at the Church.  Cleveland Church does not loan tables and chairs to anyone for any reason.

The arrangement of tables and chairs will not be provided by our custodial service or staff.

Guests must furnish their own food, table covers, paper products, and decorating materials but are welcome to use Cleveland’s cooking utensils, silver and glassware.  Stove, microwave, coffee maker, and refrigerator are provided.  There is an automatic dishwasher.  If the kitchen is utilized, the entire facility must be thoroughly cleaned.  This rule applies to pots, pans, utensils, sink, counter tops, appliances, floors, etc.

Smoking is prohibited inside the facility.  Containers are located outside the facility at major exits for your convenience.  Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground or in the shrubbery.

Alcoholic beverages and drugs are prohibited on Church property. No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be permitted to participate or remain on Church property.

When leaving the facility, all doors leading outside must be closed, lights must be turned off, and heat or air conditioning turned off.

Bathrooms must be checked for cleanliness and lights turned off after each event.

The Chancel area is a very special place to the Christians who worship at Cleveland.  The Baptism Font, the Pulpit, the Communion Table, the Paraments and Banners all “talk” Christianity, are symbols of the Church, and communicate by their presence specific aspects of Christian worship.  When the Sanctuary is utilized, the Chancel furniture may not be moved or covered in any way.  No objects will be placed on or in front of the Cross.  The paraments will remain the color of the season unless otherwise requested.

No tacks, tape, nails, wire or staples may be used to affix decorations to any of the furniture, ceiling or floor.  The use of “ties” or “clips” is acceptable.  No bare, metallic clips please, only metal clips with plastic protectors.  The organization renting the facility is responsible for all damages.

Only “dripless candles” and snuffers are to be used and carpet protectors must be placed under any candle arrangement to protect the carpet.  Cleveland UMC is not equipped to provide carpet protectors.  These can be provided by a local florist.

Florists and caterers must decorate at times suitable to the schedule of Cleveland UMC and must adhere to the policies of the Church.  All decorations and equipment must be removed the day of the event.

Cleveland UMC will not be held liable for any professional or personal items (including money) left, lost, stolen or damaged on Church property.  Guests have the responsibility for the safe keeping of their personal items.

Food and drinks are allowed only in the Fellowship Hall and are not allowed in the Sanctuary.