Cleveland United Methodist Church is Here for You!

We are pleased that you have considered Cleveland Church for your event.  Cleveland Church has a long tradition of opening her doors to the community.  We hope to assist you in every way we can to ensure that your event is a success.  To help ensure the success of your event, we offer the following information and suggestions.

Cleveland United Methodist Church’s Facilities

The Cleveland United Methodist Church Sanctuary is capable of seating 200 people.  The Fellowship Hall can seat 200 people.  Cleveland’s facility is equipped with 3 bathrooms (1 female and 1 male in the foyer and 1 located in the nursery).  Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, Kitchen, Choir Room, 2 Adult classrooms, 2 Children’s classrooms, Nursery, Bathrooms, and Offices are located on the upper level.  Eight classrooms are located on the lower level.  A TV/VCR is available upon request.  The kitchen is fully equipped and has an automatic dishwasher.  Cleveland Church is also equipped with an elevator and the facility is completely accessible.

Cleveland United Methodist Church is a Holy Place!

The facilities of the Cleveland United Methodist Church have been erected and dedicated to the Glory of God and are for the express purpose of fulfilling God’s mission and ministry.  They are, therefore, set apart to serve certain needs of the community consistent with basic and accepted Christian principles.

The Sanctuary is a Holy place.  It is a place where hungry souls come to hear God’s redemptive words.  It is a place where wounded souls come to be healed.  It is a place where the people of God praise Him by singing their love songs to Him.  With this in mind, the Sanctuary will be respected by your organization and guests.  The Sanctuary is open to your organization for worship and prayer.  Children will be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

The Fellowship Hall, Kitchen, Offices, Bathrooms, Choir Room, Classrooms, and Grounds are all extensions of the Sanctuary.  These are places where the life of the congregation is lived, ministry is planned and implemented.  Each member of Cleveland’s congregation has invested time, talent, and finances in building and maintaining the church’s facilities.  It is therefore imperative that the rules and guidelines for our facilities be observed.

Who May Use Cleveland Untied Methodist Church’s

Buildings and Facilities?

Cleveland United Methodist Church groups may use the facilities as part of the ministry of the Church.  This includes those groups, work areas, and committees recognized and supported by the Administrative Board of the Church.  The Church Office maintains the reservation calendar.

Other United Methodist groups outside of Cleveland’s immediate congregation may be allowed.  Cleveland Church is part of the United Methodist connection and as such recognizes her obligation to sister churches who may have a need for her facilities.  Use by other United Methodist Churches and organizations is welcome without charge as availability permits.

Other denominations and ecumenical groups approved by the Minister after a formal written request is received.  If approved, potential fees will be assessed by the Administrative Board based on the type of use of the facilities.

Approved community, social, civic, service, educational, professional and charitable groups or individuals will also be allowed use of the facilities.  These groups will be charged a “usage fee” to help defray the cost of utilities.